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Know your car's systems and particular requirements before starting any project. Do not a...
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Search for your car, motorcycle or boat problem here and find the possible solution
Online Mechanic Help>> packs all the services for your car, motorcycle or boat into one single online source. It is your comprehensive directory for auto parts and accessories, everything from batteries to bumpers, radiators to rims.
The Quick Search feature takes the panic out of finding a mechanic.

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Instead of wasting time and gas driving from one auto-repair shop to the next, get estimates online. Post your job using the Quick Mechanic Quote feature. Auto shops in your geographical vicinity will bid for your business either by phone or E-mail. Save time and money by comparing prices from the comfort of home. Are the mechanics reliable? We check every shop to make sure it meets our standards

Quick Mechanic Quote

Don't Ignore Your Car's Signals.

A good car mechanic, like a good doctor, is crucial in an emergency, and just like taking care of your body is up to you, so is taking care of your car.
Sure, it is important to change the oil and follow the automaker's recommended service schedule, but it is also important to feel your car and be able to spot small problems before they become big expensive repair bills.

Listen for strange sounds; sometimes we can hear something in our car even when the stereo is blaring.
A clicking sound from the front wheels while turning could mean that the front shaft might fall apart, a change in the engine's sound could indicate overheating, and backfiring, might signal serious trouble. Don't ignore the sounds!

Take your car in for service

Notice different things about your car. Are there strange smells? Electrical smoky smells can spell trouble. Burning rubber smells can mean that you're driving with your brakes on and fuel smells might mean that the fuel tank venting is chocked or there is an overflow.

Again, the key is to not ignore the car's signals and hope for the best, but take the car in for service.
Feel your car's performance. When you hit the accelerator, does your car hesitate?
When you step on the brake does your car take it as a suggestion rather than a command?

Just as "an apple a day will keep the doctor away" taking care of your car can prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs.
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